Ensure diverse developments, a wide range of pathways for further study, and a solid foundation for the future; prepare for further study, career choices, and life with all-round path-finding.


Opportunities and jobs are changing rapidly. It is hard for anyone to foresee what the future holds. Unlike most schools' career planning, the school hopes to see students learning more about their own needs and become willing trailblazers. During their studies, students should first get to know themselves, explore their interests, and rekindle their confidence in learning. They could then begin to set personal goals, learn knowledge and skills, collaborate and share responsibilities in the community, and prepare themselves for the future.


The school provides the following support for students on their journey:

• School Activity Organizers

We encourage students to take initiative when it comes to facilitating, planning, and organizing school events, such as orientation days, open days, and graduation exhibitions. Students could learn about collaboration and communal life during the process.


• Mentorship

The school implements mentorship as a way to expose students to teachers and professionals from different disciplines. The various forms of interactions will help students find their ways.


• Future Lesson

Career lessons are tailored for Form 5 and Form 6 classes. Through the sharing of professionals from different industries, students will be informed about further studies or employment. This is to help them prepare for examinations and portfolios.


"If fate is the world's worst scriptwriter, I will be the best actor of my own life."

Students From a performance at HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity's annual opening ceremony.




As of June 30 2023, the following institutions have recognized DCA holders' qualification to enroll in relevant associate degree programmes (including higher diplomas and associate degrees).

• Hong Kong Art School 

• Hong Kong Design Institute

• The College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

• School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

• Hong Kong Community College, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

• Tung Wah College

• Hong Kong Metropolitan University Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education

The Education University of Hong Kong (Early Childhood Education and Psychology)


Different from traditional secondary schools that focus on examinations, our school pays more attention to students' whole-person development and diverse career paths. Students are to learn different knowledge and life skills. Besides classroom learning, students could try to design and realize their own plans or projects. There are also different internship opportunities for students to understand the industries, aside from enhancing work ethics and problem-solving skills. In addition to cultural and arts industries, our graduates also shine in other fields.


In summary, our graduates fall into these three categories:

• Local and Overseas Studies

Mainly the arts, performing arts, and design schools. Some also choose to study humanities, such as philosophy, cultural studies, and media.


• Freelancing

Develop one's own career from one's diverse interests, and join the mainstream or other industries


• Self-employment

Start one's own business with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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