Learning Journey

Under the school's 6-year curriculum, students will partake in different learning experiences at different stages.

Junior Program

Combining suggestions from the Education Bureau and our school-based curriculum, the school emphasises on developing junior form students' artistic ability, subject knowledge and life skills. This is to foster whole-person development through flexible subject integration, as well as the provision of holistic, diverse, and practical learning experiences.



Explore our Junior Secondary Program:

Form 1 to Form 3


Foundational Learning


Upon the completion of junior secondary learning, students could be promoted to the school's senior forms, attend other secondary schools in Hong Kong, or pursue overseas studies, among other options.


Senior Program

Creative Profession-Oriented Program (CPOP) is the core of the school's Senior Secondary learning. The four artistic domains are namely: Design and Visual Communication, Film and Digital Arts, Performing Arts, and Spatial Studies. To help students focus on research, create, and critique artworks, there is to be a CPOP week every semester. With the Integrated School-Based Curriculum of Creative Arts (ICCA), students are to prepare for public examinations while learning and experimenting through trial and error.



Explore our Senior Secondary Program:

Form 4


Self discovery. Getting a taste of the different senior secondary courses provided by the school.

Form 5



Form 6





*The school reserves the final decision on the courses offered.

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"Diploma in Creative Arts" is graded as Lv 3
with registration no. 14/002987/L3
valid from 1/9/2014 to 31/8/2026