School Profile

Planned and operated by the Hong Kong Center for Contemporary Culture, the HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (hereinafter referred to as "the school") was founded in September 2006. It is Hong Kong's first secondary school under the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) that provides holistic creative education. Since the academic year 2021/22, the school has expanded with a junior school curriculum and recruited Form One students, providing a comprehensive six-year school life. With humanities as the backbone of the curriculum, which broadens students' exposure to the arts, media and design, the school aims to cultivate a new generation of talents for the development of the arts and the creative industry in Hong Kong. During the course of study, students would undertake the "Diploma in Creative Arts" (DCA) and the "Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education" (HKDSE) to put "Art-in-Education" and the concepts of arts education into practice.

School Sponsoring Body

Established in 1998, Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture is a non-profit cultural and artistic organization. It actively promotes cultural development, creative education, cultural exchanges, and the sustained development of diversity at a macro level in order to realize a creative civil society. The institute was founded by senior practitioners of Hong Kong's culture and arts, education and creative industries. Currently, Danny Yung is the chairperson and Ada Wong, the director.

Student Development

• Be Crazy about Arts and Culture

• Enrich one's knowledge through active learning

• Participate with motivation and joy

• Care about people and things

• Respect individuals and groups, balance rights and obligations

• Cherish one's time and resources

• Make good use of any medium to express opinions positively, creatively, bravely and practically

• Develop a healthy lifestyle

• Be open-minded

Expectations of Students

• Develop rigorous scholarship and extensive knowledge

• Love and pursue a quality life

• Be empathetic and caring about people and things

• Make good use of design to improve life

• Balance sensibility and intellect

• Make good use of artistic expression

School Committee

Madam WONG Ada Ying Kay, JP
Board member
Prof. Kurt CHAN Yuk-keung
Dr. Roy CHUNG Chi-ping, GBS, JP
Mr. Teddy TANG Chun-keung, MH, JP
Mr. WAN Man-yee, BBS, JP
Dr. Ball WONG Kim-wing
Mr. Danny YUNG
Acting Principal
Mr. YAN Pat To
Teacher Board member
Mr. PO Ching-fung
Parent Board member
Ms. AU Yuen Ha
Mr. YIP Chin Kuen
Alumni Board member
Mr. HUNG Chung-kit


"To be creative is to discover with joy, openness, and earnestness, which unlocks the intertwined relationship between the self, the world, and knowledge."


Mr. Danny Yung President, Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture

  Founder and Artistic Director, Zuni Icosahedron

 Board member, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Management Committee




Space and Facilities


In addition to educational purposes,
our school's Art and Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary arts experiment site that embraces diverse values and meets the different needs in Hong Kong.
135 Junction Road, Kowloon City
2180 9595
2180 9540
"Diploma in Creative Arts" is graded as Lv 3
with registration no. 14/002987/L3
valid from 1/9/2014 to 31/8/2026