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【學生成就】2017 Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize

中六同學鄭雯心 (Tiffany) 憑作品 《聲線》入圍 2017 Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize (香港區)。Tiffany 的作品於5月19-21日在 Affordable Art Fair展出。以下是她的作品簡介:

Cheng Wen Hsin, Tiffany Artwork name: 聲線 Sound Dimension: 100 x 25 x 2cm Medium: Taboret and Tracing paper Description: This set of work depicts my impression on the sound of dripping water, burning fire, blowing breeze and breath of my own. Different patterns are made by piercings with a tiny pin on tracing paper. The delicate patterns on the translucent surface, although hardly visible at a distance, when come up close, they remind us of the beauty of trivial things that we often overlook.

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