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攝影:國治 fb:YMCArts in Education Project

攝影: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity 香港兆基創意書院

# 我真的努力過了, 然而這是成果。 還有什麼好不甘心 憑什麼要失望。

中六羅勺榆(Cherry)參與第九屆YMCArts 自發作書展 ,她的作品《夾腳拖》獲選為出版出品之一。 《夾腳拖》是 Cherry 台灣之旅的遊記,也是給自己18歲的紀念品。從構思到製作花了大半年。小編與她傾談時正加版訂製書本,看見她先把書固定在桌上,細心地用手指尖薄擦上一層膠水,侍它封乾後再補上另一層。整作製作過程是一次寶貴程驗,Cherry表示「能夠認真做一件complete(完整)的事情後,又可以繼續打開新的一頁。」YMCArts 自發作書展第一輪書展於 Kubrick進行完畢 ,第二輪三月十至二十六日於三聯書店灣仔文化生活薈進行。

<Student Achievement> DIY Book Making Exhibition

Cherry LAW Cheuk Yu (6H) participated in the DIY book making program organized by YMCArts and her work was chosen to be published.

“Flip Flop” is a travel journal of her trip to Taiwan and to commemorate her 18th birthday which marks the beginning of adulthood. Cherry spent over 6 months actualizing her idea.

During our interview, she was binding additional books. Having fixed all pages with clips, she applied layer after layer of glue with her finger tips. The process required patience and concentration, as she had to wait for the glue to set completely before adding the next layer.

Cherry said, “I have put my mind into creating a complete piece of work, then I can turn a new page.” The second round of the touring exhibition will be held at the Joint Publishing bookstore in Wanchai from 10 to 26 march 2017. #hksc #hksc嚴謹學習 #YMCArts自發作書展

#hksc #hksc嚴謹學習 #YMCArts自發作書展

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