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【學生交流】南韓Haja Center到訪

南韓Haja Center是書院院其中一間姊妹學校,兩地學生毎年均會互相訪問及交流。早前書院的同學前往南韓出席青年論壇,昨天起一連三日Haja的同學來港到訪學校,與書院同學一同參與竹工作坊和行山,以不同方式交流、體驗書院的校園生活。

《Student Exchange》We are pleased to return the favour as our sister school, Haja Center, from South Korea who came to visit us. Apart from receiving them at the campus, our students hosted a bamboo scaffolding workshop & a hiking trip to show them the best of Hong Kong.

攝影:Kirk先生 /小編

#hksc #hksc嚴謹學習

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