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學生們為放映設計海報和裝置藝術於校內擺放,非常認真 。

同學 Simony說:「舉辦活動原意是一班同學想觀看導師作品,暢談間提及不如邀請不同年級同學出席,大家一起開心地欣賞。活動已建立一群中四及中五同學觀眾群,他們可能於下學期延續舉辦電影欣賞活動。」

< Short films screening initiated by students>

" We just want to see the early short films by our teachers in Film and Video Art subject. Open up the event can allow more school mates to view the works together. It would be more happy in this way.

We have built up a stable audience base supported by S4 & S5 school mates. They are going to host another film screening in coming semester." said by Simony, S6 students.

#hksc #hksc嚴謹學習


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